14.2: Welcome to the Peace Department

Dan recently cancelled his subscription to cable television, which means that this podcast is probably doomed, because we can’t even picture Dan without access to CoziTV. If you see a very thin and panicky fellow trying to rent Murder She Wrote tapes at the library, that’s probably Dan. May God have mercy on his soul, and please enjoy episode 14.2 of Dan Wakes Up Screaming.

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Miami Call” by Herr Doktor

Ride My Tempo” by Fhernando

Kiss The Goat” by Best Friends!

Peace, Wiseguys!” by U Can Unlearn Guitar

best friends 4eva” by Toxic Lipstick

Too Thirsty To Drink Water” by Karl Blau

Digital Face Melter” by Glass Candy X Texture