16.1: Tricked By Dogs

This episode was recorded in broad daylight, which weirded everyone out. Overcoming the queasiness of seeing one another during business hours, the fellows managed to discuss:

– Current American politics (The first time ever that such a conversation was not deleted for being boring and terrible)
– Vivisection (pros and cons)
– That guy who blew up the Olympics
– Sexual tension on Leave it to Beaver
– The cultural impact of traveling fairs
– The horror and squalor of water parks
– The wholesomeness and magic of Dolly Parton

We later play the Teen Topix! game, and Brian finally busts out the finest story in his anecdote arsenal: the tale of Gus the Amazing Alleycat.

Why are you still reading this when you could already be listening to Episode Sixteen of Dan Wakes Up Screaming?

Music credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Rod Stewart” by No Monster Club

Down In a Hole” by Dondero High School

Gayluv (Sexchangemix)” by Dyke B (feat.Leffevre)

The Exit to the Rainbow” by springtide