29.1: Dan Cancels Christmas

I haven’t heard from Dan since the news broke about George Michael. I’m picturing him alone somewhere in a sequined motorcycle jacket over a bare chest, sitting on a stool in a dark room under a spotlight, weeping softly as he ignores all my texts. Also I just heard that Carrie Fisher is dead too. And our new president doesn’t think we have enough nuclear weapons. The Holidays are cancelled, everybody. We don’t deserve it this year. Let’s all just sit at home and think about what we did.

And now that I’m done yelling at you, would you mind rating us on iTunes?

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Octopussy” by Juanitos

New Years Party by Toptygin (live)” by Kim & Buran

New Year’s Eve” by Silence Is Sexy

Losing Over Christmas” by Greg Atkinson

Hellidays (b/w Christmas in Hollis)” by The Impossebulls

Too Far Gone” by Ryan Little

Holiday” by Dave Depper

Ghosts From Hell In The Year 1972” by Lucas Perný & Miroslav Kollar