30: Bad Mood Edition

This episode was recorded the day of the Women’s March, which already seems like sepia-toned ancient history. Even then, a mere twenty-four hours into our nation’s current horror, we were already too outrage-fatigued to notice that Executive Branch necromancers had animated the wretched corpse of Lee Greenwood with dark magics. Why isn’t it more of a scandal that Jeff Sessions is clearly an undead sorcerer of some kind?

In other news: Dan fights the timber wolves of Quebec, Brian sympathizes with a skinhead acquaintance from high school, and Fed doesn’t think cats should vape. We’ll be honest America, this one gets a little weird.

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Octopussy” by Juanitos

Resiste!” by el zombi flash

Pussy Footin” by Rye Coalition

Fuck This Fucking Bullshit (PHIKTION REMIXX)” by Pot-C

Back Stairs” by Podington Bear

Bad Dog” by Bad Ronald

Quebec” by Don Bikoff

High On Desire (French version)” by Sky Parade

Sad French Accordion” by Dana Boulé