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8.2: The Monster of Fort Tilden

Alternate title: Terrifying True Tales of Public Nudity. Also, former lacrosse wunderkind Fed explains the purpose of a jock strap to the other, less athletically-inclined fellows, who can’t seem to imagine why a person would wear such a thing. This could be our most groin-centric offering yet! You are warned, America. Part three of this epic session debuts next week.

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Beach Life” by Miami Slice

Italian Opera” by UV Protection


5.2: Dan’s Seal Never Heals

This episode is largely about the television shows that the fellows enjoyed as children in the seventies. Special guests include Kate Bush, Celine Dion, Morrissey, and the ghost of John Lennon.

Music credits:

Sex Club” by The Womb

Pulsar” by Reier

Deranged Barber” by Majik Most

ReUp” by Ain’t No Love

Monkeymen” by Eaters

a. guitar #7” by Art of Flying

Kids Music for Adults” by The Polish Ambassador

3.2: Digital Werewolves and Essential Oils

The fellows discuss the history of Crown Heights with a Scottish archaeologist, and there’s also a lot of admiration for the early work of Teri Garr and Shelly Long.