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19: American Bear and Monkey Boss

Brian returns to Naked Island for some saucy corrective corrections, Dan’s class photo is so bad that the photographer wins a Pulitzer, and Fed attempts to channel the spirit of a legendary Cajun chef, with limited success. Please enjoy the nineteenth episode of Dan Wakes Up Screaming.

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Octopussy” by Juanitos

Super Nude” by Lesbian Afternoon

I’m going home” by Lee Maddeford

MARATHON MAN” by Jason Shaw

Hammertime” by Squarehead

Picture” by The Choke

Photograph” by Pataphysics

Song of the Night Cafe in New Orleans” by Vi-Fi

10.2: Truman Capote’s Seance For Sexy Singles

Special holiday weekend edition! In Cold Blood might be the best book ever written, but it’s nothing compared to the Capote’s major life work: The Black and White Ball. We had an audience with Capote’s departed spirit (he’s a friend of Mike’s, apparently) and asked several pressing questions.

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Last Days of Disco” by Fhernando

Keg Baseball” by Centz

The Last Slice of Pecan Pie (Instrumental Version)” by Josh Woodward

Basement Music (Up In The Attic Instrumental)” by Deadly Combo

Corpse Flower 2 Floors Down” by Bomis Prendin

Cocktail Maker” by Brown Torpedo

Fuck the Free World” by Ergo Phizmiz

10.1: It’s a Shame About Sly

After every episode of this podcast, one of the celebrities mentioned therein has died. No kidding, every one. There could be a non-supernatural explanation for this, for instance: a lot of elderly celebrities come up on this podcast, which is produced by elderly podcasters. But the fellows know the truth: Dan Wakes Up Screaming is cursed, a lot like the haunted videotape from The Ring, which may explain why no one listens.

It’s getting sort of terrifying to wield this much power over life and death, so this time the fellows intentionally selected someone to reap the whirlwind. It’s nothing personal, and this way, if nothing else, the unfortunate celebrity has time to get his affairs in order.

Also… dear Shelly Long: please be careful out there, you have been tempting fate for nearly a year.

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Ride My Tempo” by Fhernando

I Owe it to the sunlight” by Water Sark

Resistor Anthems” by Eric Skiff

Life Coach” by Mountain High

Sun Lotion” by Steadman

Black and White” by Void Vision