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22: Dan’s Been Kissed By a Rose

Dan falls in love with a flower, Fed performs a historical reenactment of Jefferson Davis, and Brian admits to being a pretty bad men’s room attendant in this, the twenty-second episode of Dan Wakes Up Screaming.

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Octopussy” by Juanitos

Teenage Girl Ghoul A Go-Go (re-mix)” by Armageddon Gospel Revival

Rose Tint” by Young Romance

You Got It Man” by Dancer

20.2: A Nation of Elvises

We re-join our heroes for another harrowing Fed-selected music segment, a visit from an Austrian sexpert, and a quick round of America’s new favorite party game, Teen Topix. Please enjoy the conclusion of the Winter Storm Jonas edition of Dan Wakes Up Screaming.

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Octopussy” by Juanitos

Miami Call” by Herr Doktor

Freezeframe Shutters” by Fit and the Conniptions

Fun to be Had With an Oboe” by Ergo Phizmiz

Whiskey Girls” by K.I.D.S.

18: Season Three! Escape From Naked Island

Season Three of Dan Wakes Up Screaming is upon us with an episode that has it all: nudity, violence, adult situations, and compulsory hand-holding with strangers.

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Octopussy” by Juanitos

Cool Reggae Party” by Juanitos

Mexico” by Jimmy Pé

seven down” by Gorowski

Like The Very First Kiss” by Elias Damian

Death Machine” by Magic Daddy

Persian Lamb Rag” by Heftone Banjo Orchestra

16.2: Base Jumpers Don’t Cry

Episode 16.2 of Dan Wakes Up Screaming finds the boys still all squicked out about seeing one another in daylight, so they’re relieved when a very special guest shows up and they don’t have to talk to one another anymore.

By the way, have you ever wondered what the fellows are drinking while recording episodes of your favorite podcast? Refreshments usually include a mix of the poncy IPAs that Brian prefers along with whatever Fed was able to scrounge from sidewalks and dumpsters. (Have you ever heard the story of the time Fed found a whole unopened package of Lorna Doones?!)

Meanwhile, it amuses Dan to bring the most obscure and unpalatable monstrosities that he can find in the neighborhood Polish market. In case you’re curious, the beer that the fellas are drinking in this episode is called REMUS BROWAR AMBER. The label looks like this:

So if you don’t like this episode, blame Dan and/or Poland. Also- to the brewers of Remus Browar Amber… hello! Did you know that Dan Wakes Up Screaming is available for your marketing pleasure? It’s true! The fellows will do or say anything to get your business, and Fed will work for Lorna Doones.

Music credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Indian Lullaby” by Asian Women on the Telephone

Fake Your Dreams” by Ain’t No Love

You’ll Find Old Dixieland in France” by Pietro

16.1: Tricked By Dogs

This episode was recorded in broad daylight, which weirded everyone out. Overcoming the queasiness of seeing one another during business hours, the fellows managed to discuss:

– Current American politics (The first time ever that such a conversation was not deleted for being boring and terrible)
– Vivisection (pros and cons)
– That guy who blew up the Olympics
– Sexual tension on Leave it to Beaver
– The cultural impact of traveling fairs
– The horror and squalor of water parks
– The wholesomeness and magic of Dolly Parton

We later play the Teen Topix! game, and Brian finally busts out the finest story in his anecdote arsenal: the tale of Gus the Amazing Alleycat.

Why are you still reading this when you could already be listening to Episode Sixteen of Dan Wakes Up Screaming?

Music credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Rod Stewart” by No Monster Club

Down In a Hole” by Dondero High School

Gayluv (Sexchangemix)” by Dyke B (feat.Leffevre)

The Exit to the Rainbow” by springtide

15.2: Dry Horizons

What do you serve to a Broadway producer who barges into your podcast taping planning to kidnap you and then force you into a life of indentured servitude in the theater? The answer, as we learn on this episode of Dan Wakes Up Screaming, is a small sherry with an olive in it.

James Taylor drops in at one point as well, and Fed provides a hot tip on how to get someone from Long Island to do something. Hint: print a custom Penny Saver that has an ad for free jet skis in it.

Also! We play the Teen Topix! game (spelling mine), and later discuss Dan’s crippling dependence on donuts, which leads into a conversation about the Atkins diet craze of the late nineties. And as if that weren’t enough, there is some swordplay in the third act. It is a magical evening.

More importantly, go read David Crabb’s newly released memoir, called Bad Kid! It was written by a very nice man who Fed and Dan had the privilege of working with in the past.

Other shout outs include our three hundredth Twitter follower, @podcastdan, and defunct Annapolis punk legends Pee Tanks. Finally, Dan does a very unflattering imitation of Andy Kaufman. Nice job, @podcastdan and Pee Tanks. Bad job, Andy Kaufmann.

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Miami Call” by Herr Doktor

Meet Me On The Dancefloor” by Track Jackit