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32.1: Fonzie vs. Fonzie

This episode was recorded on the first of April, so there is a lot of chat about pranks which is probably no longer seasonally appropriate. Other matters discussed include Fed’s eccentric alternatives to coffee cups, Brian’s attempted relations with twenty somethings, and Dan’s intense emotional reaction to Fed not remembering watching Tango and Cash with him. Please enjoy, share, and rate part one of Episode Thirty Two of Dan Wakes up Screaming.

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Octopussy” by Juanitos

Fools” by The Pop Winds

Bicycle” by The Hate Noise

Villainy Thrives” by Dyslexic Fudgicle

Puddle Hoppin” by Anitek

Foolin’” by Nando

Such A Stupid Fool” by Expert Alterations

I Can’t Stop Being Foolish” by The Mint Chicks

Good Night Heart” by My Bubba & Mi