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23.2: The Redneck Version of Space

Spoiler alert: the best part of this episode is when Fed says “I’m sure he’s fine.” That won’t make any sense to you until you hear it, but trust me, it’s just great. Other highlights: Brian talks about the time he was nearly murdered by mice, and Dan admits that he doesn’t know how to pronounce “bruschetta,” and also that he nearly burned down his hometown as a young man. Please enjoy the finale of Episode Twenty-Three of Dan Wakes Of Screaming.

Music Credits:

Many Happy Returns” by Guillaume Tucker

Octopussy” by Juanitos

Ride My Tempo” by Fhernando

On Fire” by Jasmine Golan

Popcorn House” by The Immaculates

Comme un Popcorn dans une Marmite [Like Popcorn in a Pot]” by Miss Emma

Flags” by The Spits

Future Fetish” by Onyx System

Save The World (From Ourselves)” by Westy Reflector